COSMIC VOID FESTIVAL is a black metal festival in London (United Kingdom), featuring some of the finest black metal acts around. Presented by Cult Of Parthenope.


COSMIC VOID FESTIVAL is a no guestlist festival. Please respect this.

Forbidden Items / Photo + Filming

Weapons of any kind, Umbrellas, gas bottles, sprays etc. are strictly forbidden. In some cases you will have to hand over these items. After the event you can claim them back.

You are not allowed to use any professional Foto/Filming Equipment without permission of the Festival.

Soundlevel / Ear Protection

Because of the high soundlevel of this event it is highly recommended to use ear protection. You can find earprotection at the bars.

Please do not bring your underaged kids to this event. Even with heavy ear protection it might lead to problems with the venue´s security.


The cloakroom can be found at both The Underworld Camden and Electric Balloroom.

Bag policy (O2 Academy Islington)

Security measures are in place with bag checks on arrival. Please note at O2 Academy Islington only one small bag per person is permitted, and it must not be bigger than A4 size (Height: 29.7cm – Width: 21cm – Depth: 15cm). Large bags – including rucksacks – are not allowed, so please make alternative arrangements. There are no facilities to leave large bags or luggage. If you really have to bring a bag – and it’s preferable you don’t – please do make sure its small. Check the tab on for their full safety and security information.

Age Restriction

14 and 15-year olds MUST be accompanied by an 18+ adult whilst in venue. 16 and over do not need to be accompanied by an adult. No one under 14 can be admitted.


Both all-dayers do allow readmission.


The festival will take place at any weather conditions.

CVF is a 100% unpolitical Event! Leave your politics at home!