The fire and energy known as the entity Endezzma was lit in 2006. A gathered stronghold of old nekromisfits such as Morten Shax and Trondr Nefas (URGEHAL/BEASTCRAFT) made a morbid woe of creating a oppressive disturbing force and named their kingdom “Endezzma”.

Endezzma transfer old atmosphere combined with eerie seductive compositions into what people want to rate or should rate as 1st class sublime nekrorequiems that speaks of death ,untamed intensity and the energy reckoned as the ultimate Stellar Darkness! From their kult debut “Alone” EP in 2007 the band have spread its intensity and wild energy across Europe ever since. Endezzma released the “Erotik Nekrosis” album in 2012 ,a process that took some tragic turns reasoned by Trondr Nefas death along the way. The band needed to set out a new malignant course to conquer new territories and march on in their filthy bloody path of death and darkness. Like an old serpent with fresh poison Endezzma crawled out of the stellar darkness and it’s vicious embers to form what today is know’n as THE ENDEZZMA !! the world known as death!

From that moment on the band have been the same strong line up and their previous release “The Arcane Abyss” album received top scores and a superb reception from the scene and their followers. Endezzma is well known for it’s unique and intense bloody live mantra on stage, that truly set them aside of most other act

The band is currently finalizing their brand new album, that will truly be the most fucked up ,epic and monumental dark work ever in their career

The Cosmic Void festival can expect a wild and exclusive UK exploitation of their latest new masterpiss !!



  • Morten Shax – Vocal
  • Malphas – Lead Guitar
  • Nihil – Rythm Guitar
  • Skriu – Drums
  • Aske – Bass


  • “Erotik Nekrosis” (2012)
  • “The Arcane Abyss” (2017)